How To Enable & Disable Closed Captioning on YouTube

Besides its amazing content of videos and channels, YouTube provides hundreds of other amazing features and closed captioning is one of them. Users can use captions while playing a video on YouTube. Many of the users do not know how to disable and enable closed captioning while streaming a video on YouTube. If you do not know how to do it, here is the complete guide on how to enable and disable YouTube closed captioning feature.

How To Do It

It is the first and most basic step every that YouTube should take to use captions while streaming a video. To enable and disable captions:

1.     Open any YouTube video.

2.     Click on the Screen to pause the video and see the options and icons.

3.     Click on the option with two dots and a line in the shape of a box by hovering the cursor on it.

4.     There lies an option of enabling captions.

5.     Click on the option with your preferred language and you are good to go.

6.     And the same goes for disabling it. Click on the same option.

By Enabling Caption Defaults

It is another excellent option available to use YouTube captions feature while streaming a video. Caption default is an option which permanently enables captioning feature on YouTube. Users prevent themselves from regularly enabling captions by using the caption default feature. To enable it:

1.     Open the account settings.

2.     Click on the profile icon located under settings or gear button.

3.     Select the Account tab from the Settings menu and choose Playback and Performance.

4.     Select on the Caption option available and you are sorted.

By Opening The Transcript

Every YouTube video contains subtitles whether they are self-generated or created by a user. You always have the option of choosing a transcript with the caption times. To do so:

1.     Click on the three dots located under the video playback option.

2.     Select Open Transcript which contains the option of Enabling/Disabling subtitles.

3.     After opening the transcript, it will appear on the screen with enable/disable options.

By Using Additional Caption Settings

It is another alternative option available to sort you out with enabling and disabling of captions in the streaming of a YouTube video. To use the additional caption settings on YouTube, follow the steps listed below:

1.     Click on the gear button located on the bottom right corner of the video.

2.     Click on the Subtitle/CC option.

3.     After clicking on the option, it will show in how many languages the following captions are available.

4.     Choose your preferred language and you will get the captions of the video you are streaming on YouTube.

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