Top 5 Best Apps To Plan A Weekend

The weekend is what you wait for the entire week in your 9 to 5 job. But most of the time, it does not go as good as you wanted it to be. A break from your work is all you need to get the things in flow. So from now on, when  Friday rolls around, make sure to enjoy your weekend to the fullest. So, here are the top apps to plan your weekend.

1. Thrillcall

If you are a music lover, then Thrillcall is an ideal app to help you attend live music. The app finds live concerts and shows around your area and notifies you without delay. Seeing your favorite artists is no more a dream for you with Thrillcall. Users can also win tickets and passes by discovering deals like skip the line and can meet their favorite artists and bands. Thrillcall is a perfect app to plan your weekend if you are a music junkie.


NIGHT OUT is the best app to enjoy your weekend by exploring the nightlife of your city. With NIGHT OUT, users can easily find and experience events around the city. Gain access to exclusive experiences in your city and enjoy your weekend as it was meant to be. NIGHT OUT is amongst the best options to go with for a fun and enjoyable time weekend.

3. BigOven

One of the ways to spend a weekend is by spending time with family and friends at home and it becomes more fruitful with BigOven app. The app consists of a huge list of recipes and dishes that provide you step by step instructions for preparing new dishes. Also, you will find all the essential ingredients needed for a particular dish.

4. is an all-in-one app to spend a weekend in the most fun way ever. The app provides you the best deals on weekend city breaks, which includes accommodation, flight, and food. The app plans everything at your fingertips according to your preferences. If you want to travel somewhere, the app brings exclusive deals on ticket prices and other expenses.

5. Eventbrite

In the app, see local events around the city and get recommendation according to your preferences. With Eventbrite app, you can see where your friends are going and get tickets at the finest prices. The app allows you to find upcoming events on the weekend by which you get things pre-planned to make the weekend scene smooth.

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